Welcome to Joy's Angel Paintingsbeautiful unique paintings of your guardian angel
with a personal message

Mounted Original Angel Painting... £75includes postage and packing to UK addresses

All my angel images have been channelled directly from the Angelic Realms.

Angel Paintingssome of the channelled Guardian Angel paintings

Below are a few examples of Guardian Angel paintings which I have channelled. They were made for specific individuals and are not for sale.

Every Guardian Angel I paint is unique. I never know what I will ‘see’ when I make the connection

Sometimes the image of the angel appears first and then I request the name of the angel and the message when the image has been painted. At other times I hear the angel’s name when I first connect, or as I’m painting. Sometimes the words of the message are given as I paint too.

special worksometimes I'm called upon to paint larger works

Until recently they have all been Guardian Angels, channelled specifically for individual people along with a message of love and guidance.

However, the image above, entitled ‘49 Angels’, I channelled in May 2016 for Andrew Carter at The Rose School, Warkton, to accompany his ‘Synthesis of Light’ teaching course.

The Crystal Barn
The Rose School

TESTIMONIALSsome of the things people have said after receiving their Guarding Angels paintings and messages.

  • A friend had my Angel painted for my 50th birthday, it was a surprise gift, and the most amazing and lovely present I have ever had.
    The beautiful painting and the lovely words which are so full of insight and kindness, mean more to me than I can say.
    I will treasure this gift for ever.

    Susan M

    A 50th birthday present

  • Having my Guardian Angel and message changed my life for the better, forever.
    It created so much comfort and peace in my life.
    Thank you.

    Mr. A E

    given an angel as a gift

  • My Guardian Angel is so beautiful.
    She stays on the wall beside my bed and I feel her presence with me always.
    The message was very accurate and gave me the guidance I needed for my direction in life, I wept with joy when I received it, and I often feel her guidance.
    It is wonderful.

    Mrs JBL

    bought as a gift to herself

  • I was always aware of the presence of my Guardian angel behind me, but I could never bring it into my vision.
    When Joy channelled my Angel painting it totally brought it to life and I felt that I was able to address my angel much more directly and it became more real and accessible.
    The painting is an amazing combination of colours imbued with an energy that can only be described as ‘magical’. The message which came with the painting is truly inspirational and uplifting and no matter how many times I read it, I always find something new to replenish my spirit.
    I keep the painting on my bedside cabinet and it is a constant reminder that I am loved and cared for both day and night.

    Jeff Ashby

    bought an Angel as a gift for himself

  • ‘From the moment I received my Angel ‘Melchiel’, I connected immediately. She has been a constant source of comfort to me since 2004 when Joy first gave her to me.
    I believe Joy has the ability to communicate directly through her painting and writing to produce individual soul connections. Examples of her skills are seen when one views the vast number of angels she has sent to people – all are completely different in every aspect, all associated writings are individual for the recipient.
    My love and best wishes to you Joy in all that you continue to achieve.


    Gift to herself