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About MeMy Personal History

I was born in 1951 in Watford, Hertfordshire.

From a young age I had a love of drawing and painting and being generally creative. I have never had any formal art training, though I have attended recreational art classes from time to time. All of my life I have made paintings and drawings and over the years have often exhibited and sold many paintings. Also I have painted many commissioned portraits, both of people and animals. Thus my painting and drawing skills have developed over my lifetime.
As a teenager I began to develop a natural ‘sensitivity’ (some might say a psychic awareness), so for many years now I’ve had what I like to call my ‘inner voice’, often ‘hearing’ words or ‘seeing’ images.

On leaving school I trained as a Nursery Nurse and spent most of my working life caring for children. Later, a long-standing problem with my spine took its toll and I was forced to leave this work. So in 2001, aged 50, I found myself embarking on a new career adventure as I began training to become a Reflexologist and Crystal Therapist/Healer.

Joy Edwards



Thank you for looking at my website, I hope you have found it interesting and inspiring

Joy Edwards

Joy Edwards

Painter, Reflexologist and Crystal Healer

The Angelshow the angels made contact

During group meditations on the Crystal Therapy course I found I was ‘hearing’ the most beautiful, loving, supportive and uplifting words imaginable. I knew the words were being channelled through me from a higher source for the group. I would scribble down the messages and read them to the group when the meditation ended, often in a tearful state because the profound love in the message had made me very emotional.

Some time later, whilst still training, I heard my ‘voice’ tell me to take out my pastels and paint – ‘now!’ So I did. I had no idea what I was painting at first. My hand was guided to the colours and I moved the pastels across the page almost unconsciously. It’s difficult to explain. Eventually, I realised I was painting a beautiful angel.

This was the first angel I ever channelled. He is known to me now as Chamiel.

arrival of the Guardian Angels

In due course I was shown how to connect with Chamiel. He is a very powerful , loving presence and it is he who brings my link to the Guardian Angels.
A few months after Chamiel’s appearance my voice again spoke, telling me that I was being asked to channel and paint Guardian Angels. I spluttered over my cup of tea! ‘What? I’m going crazy,’ was my immediate response.

However, I was then told to ask for the recipient’s name, birth name and date and place of birth. From this information the angels (which I now understand means Chamiel) can connect me with that person’s Guardian Angel.
I was incredulous, nervous and rather sceptical when I decided to give it a go and channelled the first Guardian Angel painting for a dear friend, who was overwhelmed and delighted.

A few more friends received their Guardian Angels from me as gifts, and by now the personal messages had begun to come through also, and again , the words would reduce me to tears ( they often still do when I channel this overwhelming love and compassion).

the present

And so the story continues. Word spread, people began to ask me to channel their Guardian Angels and I have been doing this ever since. What a privilege! I am so honoured to be trusted with this work and so happy to be sharing the peaceful, loving, compassionate and uplifting energy of the beautiful angels.
I hope you feel inspired in some way by my story. Perhaps you will meet your own Guardian Angel soon, if you haven’t already, and, like me, feel the joy and comfort of that indescribably loving presence in your life. I hope so.

the future

I feel sure that I will continue channelling Guardian Angels, painting their beautiful images and sharing their messages filled with such great love, wisdom, compassion, guidance, inspiration and spiritual upliftment.

Lately however, I’ve been aware of a widening path, so to speak. I’ve had glimpses of other kinds of Angelic Presence, some very powerful in their energy and insistence. The ’49 Angels’ that I channelled for Andrew Carter’s teaching course was guided by a very strong group of angels who led me every step of the way, even giving me instructions on which medium to use (oil paint) and colours and techniques to achieve the right effect. The whole process was amazing.

Since then I have been aware of other powerful angels waiting in the wings to manifest through me and when the time is right I will connect and see who/what comes through. Exciting times. I am somewhat in awe. Watch this space !!

Wherever this journey takes me, I know it will be inspiring and I look forward to stepping into the future with the angels guiding me.

my mission

My purpose now is to go on sharing this incredibly wonderful journey. I feel blessed and very privileged to be helping the angels bring their Divine Love and Wisdom to us here on Earth. I’m sure the Angelic Presence is intent on coming closer to Earth at this time in the life of our planet, to assist us and the Earth. We who have been blessed with awareness of their presence can help them by sharing our experiences with others, thus helping the angels in their quest to bring Peace and Harmony to life on Earth.

I hope you will join me on my journey as it develops and unfolds into the future. I have much to learn and every day is a leap into the unknown, yet each day holds its joys as well as its opportunities to learn and grow. For this I give thanks continually.

Wishing you Peace, Light, Love and Blessings,


TESTIMONIALSThe lovely things people say about my angel paintings

  • A friend had my Angel painted for my 50th birthday, it was a surprise gift, and the most amazing and lovely present I have ever had.
    The beautiful painting and the lovely words which are so full of insight and kindness, mean more to me than I can say.
    I will treasure this gift for ever.

    Susan M

    A 50th birthday present

  • Having my Guardian Angel and message changed my life for the better, forever.
    It created so much comfort and peace in my life.
    Thank you.

    Mr. A E

    given an angel as a gift

  • My Guardian Angel is so beautiful.
    She stays on the wall beside my bed and I feel her presence with me always.
    The message was very accurate and gave me the guidance I needed for my direction in life, I wept with joy when I received it, and I often feel her guidance.
    It is wonderful.

    Mrs JBL

    bought as a gift to herself

  • I was always aware of the presence of my Guardian angel behind me, but I could never bring it into my vision.
    When Joy channelled my Angel painting it totally brought it to life and I felt that I was able to address my angel much more directly and it became more real and accessible.
    The painting is an amazing combination of colours imbued with an energy that can only be described as ‘magical’. The message which came with the painting is truly inspirational and uplifting and no matter how many times I read it, I always find something new to replenish my spirit.
    I keep the painting on my bedside cabinet and it is a constant reminder that I am loved and cared for both day and night.

    Jeff Ashby

    bought an Angel as a gift for himself

  • ‘From the moment I received my Angel ‘Melchiel’, I connected immediately. She has been a constant source of comfort to me since 2004 when Joy first gave her to me.
    I believe Joy has the ability to communicate directly through her painting and writing to produce individual soul connections. Examples of her skills are seen when one views the vast number of angels she has sent to people – all are completely different in every aspect, all associated writings are individual for the recipient.
    My love and best wishes to you Joy in all that you continue to achieve.


    Gift to herself