Angel Messages

Angel MessagesSome examples of my Angel messages

Messages from the Guardian Angels sometimes come as soon as I connect with the recipient’s details and their angel.

Sometimes I hear words as I paint the angel. At other times I finish the painting, then ask for the angel’s name and if there is a message (there always is). In this case I take a pen and paper and wait. Then the words begin to impress themselves into my thoughts and as I start to write, the sentences begin to flow readily onto the paper.

I check the angel’s name by dowsing over the alphabet with a pendulum.

A message for a new born baby

‘Hello Beloved Little One, here I am to greet you with Divine Love and bring you blessings and joy as you begin your special Earth journey.

You have entered into the Earth world at a very exciting time Sweet Child. Changes are taking place rapidly so that the people of Earth experience many new and confusing times, but all is well and to the good because souls such as you are coming in to bring Light and Wisdom to Earth life and to bestow a gentle, loving energy and understanding of the unity of Humanity.

Your path, like all Earth journeys, will sometimes be challenging, yet always you will be guided by a Higher Light which will help you to fulfil your destiny.
There is great joy ahead for you Dearest One, and much to learn and share.
Through all of your days I will be with you, shining my Light upon you and gently protecting and guarding you. When you grow enough to understand, you will be able to communicate with my presence and feel my Divine and everlasting, all-encompassing love for you.

Be happy Little Child, and as your adventure begins I give you Peace, Love and Blessings to carry you forward into a life of peaceful togetherness with all people.

God be with you my Beloved Little One.’

‘Dear Beloved Child, it is with great joy that I greet you now.

You are blessed with a compassionate heart, and your love and care for mankind makes us rejoice. We of the Angelic Realms shower you with much Light and Divine Love, and ask you now to be gentle with yourself and to acknowledge the need to take rest.

Know that you are much loved, and that you will always be supported, for I will never leave you.
Call my name, Beloved, and feel my gentle, loving presence in your life. It is my greatest joy to aid you whenever you ask it, and I will remain beside you to help carry the burdens of Earthly life. So, too, will I laugh with you and rejoice at your pleasure and happiness.

Fear not, Beloved Child of Light, for all is well and you are held forever in Divine Love.

God be with you, Dearest One, and Peace be yours.’

‘Beloved One, I am here for you always. I unite with angels of various orders to bring love, comfort and healing to you and through you, for you, Beloved are a pure channel of Light.

Dearest child, you are enveloped in love. We of the Angelic Realms salute you and offer our support and gratitude for the purity of your heart, which allows the free flow of our loving energy. You are blessed with a precious gift Sweet Child, and thanks are given that you have recognised this and live in accordance with it.

Dear Child, the music of life is all around you and the Divine Orchestra plays its tune. Sing, Little One, sing with all of your heart. Join with the Universal voices in praise of life, which, on Earth, is short and passes with great speed.

Enjoy your time Beloved One. Let your heart be full of joy and take pleasure in your chosen pursuits for the happiness you so justly deserve.

Be at peace my Beloved. We are with you and our love will never leave you. Call my name whenever you wish. I will answer and you will feel my enduring love.

God bless and keep you Dear Child.’

‘Beloved One, I come in Light and Divine Love bringing hope
and peace to you.

Know that you are held in Light, always in Light Dear Child. This emanation of spiritual blessings surrounds you constantly.

Beloved , I come from the Light and I am with you always. Have no fear Little One, all is well and there is no need for trepidation.

I come to you now and ask for your trust. In your life you have been a vessel to carry the woes of others. I ask you now to free yourself Beloved Child. Empty the vessel of woe and fill it with joy. Laugh, sing, dance, let joy and delight flow through you to lift your heart and release your being from the cares and worries which help no-one.

Be positive in your thoughts and look to the Light, Beloved. Allow the coming of Springtime and light to breathe new life within you.

Be blessed Little One, be blessed and be at peace.

God be with you.’

how to order

‘If you would like your own personal Guardian Angel painting and message, or would like to order one as a gift, please contact me. I will need the following information about the person who is to receive the channelled angel:


NAME GIVEN AT BIRTH (if different)