About The Guardian Angel Paintings and Messageshow I create each angel painting and message

Every Guardian Angel I paint is unique. I never know who or what I will ‘see’ when I make the connection.

Sometimes the image of the angel appears first and then I request the name of the angel and the message when the image has been painted. At other times I hear the angel’s name when I first connect, or as I’m painting. Sometimes the words of the message are given as I paint too.

Everything I receive from the angels I double-check to ensure that I have it right, eg what colours to use in the painting,whether the message is correct, how to spell the angel’s name etc.

I began this work in 2001during my training to become a Crystal Therapist when I began to hear the angelic messages. Since then I’ve painted hundreds of Guardian Angels and I feel so very blessed to be able to share this gift.

The response to the paintings and messages has been amazing. Many people have told me that the angel looks like the recipient (which is astonishing since I have never met these dear people), or that the received message was very appropriate for the recipient at that particular time in his or her life, or helped to give comfort or provided perfect guidance etc.

The angel paintings are usually completed in acrylic paint on textured acrylic medium, though occasionally they work better in watercolour.

Each painting is approximately 8 x 10”, and is presented in a card mount, 10 x 12 “. This size fits into ready-made frames which are easily available.

They are packed and dispatched in envelopes marked ‘DO NOT BEND’.

Each individual message from a Guardian Angel is typed on premium quality A4 paper with the angel’s name displayed at the top.

The text is printed in blue using a hand-writing type script and has small embellishments in the corners.

You are very welcome to order a painting of your own Guardian Angel, which I will channel especially for you together with your angel’s name and a personal message from your angel to you.

Or you can order this very special gift for a friend or loved one.

These paintings and messages make beautiful gifts for new-born babies and children, also for Christenings. Such a lovely way to welcome an infant into our world.

For children or adults, birthdays, special occasions, to say a big ‘thank you’, or ‘I love you’ or just to show you care, this is a unique and very special gift.