Creative Effect

2nd March 2016 | Motion

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TESTIMONIALSsuccess stories

  • A friend had my Angel painted for my 50th birthday, it was a surprise gift, and the most amazing and lovely present I have ever had.
    The beautiful painting and the lovely words which are so full of insight and kindness, mean more to me than I can say.
    I will treasure this gift for ever.

    Susan M

    A 50th birthday present

  • Having my Guardian Angel and message changed my life for the better, forever.
    It created so much comfort and peace in my life.
    Thank you.

    Mr. A E

    given an angel as a gift

  • My Guardian Angel is so beautiful.
    She stays on the wall beside my bed and I feel her presence with me always.
    The message was very accurate and gave me the guidance I needed for my direction in life, I wept with joy when I received it, and I often feel her guidance.
    It is wonderful.

    Mrs JBL

    bought as a gift to herself